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Bespoke database management
and workflow solutions

Automating Data's ethos is
simple; we know that time equals
money, and that your business
needs to be a well-oiled, lean
machine. How do we help you achieve this? With
FileMaker Pro and AppleScript management systems that are thoughtfully-designed, based on your individual business requirements, to provide a proven business edge via a simple user experience.

Our bespoke database systems manage all stages of corporate operations, from driving New Business tasking using customer relationship management (CRM), to invoicing and payment tracking; all within one simple database. We use FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad to provide mobile access to our bespoke systems on Wi-Fi and 3G, reducing man hours and fuel costs by providing out-of-office access to your business systems. From inventory management to finance, and everything else in between, Automating Data has a database system or workflow solution to meet your need; because it's our business to automate yours.

Our bespoke, FileMaker Pro databases offer:

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