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Database Products

The gift of time

Automating Data offers a range of database products to help you effectively run your business or keep track of personal administration. We believe the key to a stress-free and organised life is automating your information and data, to
free-up valuable resources and improve productivity. If you would like the gift of time, why not ask us about our database products, for both business and consumer applications?

Business Products

Business owners want increased productivity, resources and income, which is why Automating Data develops off-the-shelf database systems that work hard for your business, offering an unrivalled user experience at a competitive price. Talk to us today about streamlining and automating your business processes.

Consumer Products

Our consumer customers are able to gain control of their lives by managing personal administrative tasks via clever software solutions. From banking and budgeting to photograph and inventory management, we provide individuals with off-the-shelf database systems that streamline your life and release valuable time.
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