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How Automating Data
can help you

Automating Data develops business software solutions that are:

Quick to develop saving you money in development costs
Simple and easy to use negating the need for staff training
Automated solutions saving you time and money and providing a fast return on investment
Well-designed easy on the eye and accessible, offering a great user experience

How Automating Data has
helped others

Automating Data develops software that automates workflows and processes, improving businesses' effectiveness and efficiency. For example, we have helped create business reports that formerly took staff more than half a day per week to produce and now take a single button click. We've also helped businesses track their customer relationships, estimates, projects, invoices and payments into a complete business solution.

Another example of our expertise is the creation of a clever connection from a customer database to the company's accounting system, removing duplication of efforts and freeing up staff time to become more productive.

We frequently develop software products designed to address business problems where no other solutions exist in the marketplace. This completely invigorates a company's operations, and allows the company to grow and become more successful. We have developed FileMaker Pro database systems within industries including publishing, graphic design, commercial printing, photography, IT, finance, commercial plumbing, veterinary practice, film and TV, and charities. Automating Data could also help you achieve a well-oiled business. Contact Automating Data today to find out how.

About Automating Data

Automating Data is based in Kent, we service customers across the South East, including London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire and Berkshire. We also have remote customers as far afield as Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, and Edinburgh and can work with international customers remotely.

I'm Damon Casey, a certified FileMaker developer, developing software solutions and databases in FileMaker Pro. I'm an AppleScript developer, developing workflows in AppleScript and Automator on Apple's Mac OS X operating system. I founded Automating Data in 2003.

As a FileMaker developer and user experience designer, I produce FileMaker Pro databases that are easy to use, well-designed, with good colour schemes that are pleasing to the eye. As an AppleScript developer, I produce workflow automation solutions that maximise companies' resources.

I studied print planning and production at the London College of Printing in the 1990s, subsequently working in the commercial printing industry as an Apple Mac Artworker and spending years solving Apple Macintosh problems. I also worked for British Sky Broadcasting as print production controller, moving on to support a large Apple Macintosh network for the UK's largest medical charity, The Wellcome Trust. I learned FileMaker Pro by developing a solution to track hardware and software for the charity's Mac network.

I'm very passionate about productivity, and a huge proponent of David Allen's 'Getting Things Done' productivity methodology; I use OmniGroup's OmniFocus software for tracking my business and personal projects.

I've always had an interest in design, and attended a 2008 design masterclass in Paris led by Albert Harum-Alvarez, of Small Co., Miami, Florida. I have since become obsessed with pursuing excellence in design, and providing the best possible user experience in my software solutions. You can download the presentation I gave to fellow FileMaker developers on user experience and design at the 2011 'FileMaker Pro Pause On Error' conference from YouTube.

I'm a certified FileMaker developer for versions 8, 9, 10 and 11 and have built successful FileMaker Pro software solutions and databases for business sectors including beauty, charity, printing, finance, marketing, photographic and publishing. I am also a published author and presenter, and have attended six FileMaker Developer Conferences in the United States. I have had articles on FileMaker Pro, AppleScript and productivity software published in Apple's
iBusiness Magazine.

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With over 13 years' experience, you can count on me to provide a clever solution that meets and excels your business needs. I look forward to working with you and your team.


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